Broomfield Comprehensive Plan Update Report, 5/23/2017

Update Committee Report at CCOB Meeting 5/23

The Broomfield Comprehensive Plan Update Committee unveiled its preliminary report after uncountable hours of meetings and background research. You can find the full presentation and CCOB (City and County of Broomfield) comments here:

CCOB Meeting Archived Minutes, 2017, MP4, Update Committee reports 50:00 – 1:24:40


Here are some highlights from the subcommittee reports from my perspective.  Please add your own in the comments section.

  1. Extensive noise, air quality and soil baseline testing along with continual monitoring will be done according to Dr. Susan Speece of the Health, Safety and Welfare Subcommittee.
  2. The Health Subcommittee continues to review peer-reviewed literature for any concerns.
  3. The noise levels found at existing Extraction sites that were visited by the Committee were found to be at about 60 decibels, which Bob Pearson of the Community Impacts Subcommittee seemed to indicate was reasonable.
  4. The biggest area that the Community Impacts Sub-comittee is struggling with is the traffic issue, including the thickness of the asphalt on 160th, turn lanes, and how to minimize truck traffic during certain hours.
  5. The Planning Subcommittee has identified 17 alternative sites for oil and gas development in Broomfield and continues to evaluate them based on various criteria.
  6. The Legal Subcommittee is doing risk/insurance requirements analysis. It is also preparing a gaps analysis where local regulations are needed to fill in areas where other government regulations don’t exist.

Tami Yellico, CCOB Attorney assigned to the Oil and Gas Update Committee, also clarified what the implementation points of the Update Committee’s recommendations might be:

  1. Council will vote on the recommendations, and the approved product will be added as a new chapter in the CCOB Comprehensive Plan.  This does not have the force of law but can be used in the future by CCOB.  According to the answer to a question by Mayor Ahrens directed to CCOB Atty Tuthill, CCOB could deny land use based on the Comprehensive Plan.
  2. Specific recommendations could be enforced in municipal code.
  3. Oil and gas operators can simplify their state application process with local MOUs if they agree to local Best Management Practices (BMPs).  Committee recommendations could be used to enhance CCOB’s BMPs.
  4. The recommendations can be submitted by CCOB to the COGCC (Colorado Oil and Gas Commission) for inclusion on an oil and gas form 2A application.  If these recommendations were attached to a permit by the state, then CCOB could call on the state to enforce them if there was a violation.
  5. The recommendations that could only be implemented in state law will be listed in an appendix in the Comprehensive Plan report.

The Update Committee wants to have either a series of neighborhood meetings or a large Broomfield forum for residents to hear the committee’s recommendations.  This might include a presentation and smaller stations to provide information and facilitate questions.

If you have questions for the Update Committee, please email them to .

Jean Lim, Wildgrass