CCOB Meeting 5/23/2017 Review

Extraction Delays 4 of 5 Spacing Applications announced at CCOB 5/23

In line with the updated pad addition plan that Extraction Oil and Gas submitted to CCOB (City and County of Broomfield) on 5/15/17, Extraction announced at CCOB on 5/23 that it will delay submitting the spacing applications for the 4 Broomfield sited pads (Lowell, Sheridan, Huron, United) in “continued cooperation with the task force.”  However, Extraction will submit the spacing application for the Coyote Trails Pad, which will be sited in Weld County but will reach into Broomfield’s mineral resources.  That COGCC hearing will likely be July 24 with protests due by July 10.


The Coyote Trails pad is just three-quarters of a mile north of Broomfield.  Council Member Kreeger asked Extraction to consider implementing Broomfield Best Management Practices (BMPs), which would be stricter than Weld County’s BMPs.


Dr. Susan Speece echoed the sentiment of many residents when she expressed concern about the number of wells remaining at the 4 Broomfield pads.  Dr. Speece commented that Eric Jacobsen, VP of Extraction, may yet earn a star when she sees the number of wells on the Lowell Pad go down.  The Comprehensive Plan Update Committee continues to look at alternative sites, and Mayor Ahrens at one point referred to general discussions he has had with Erie and Boulder County to shift wells into less dense residential areas.


Review of 5/15/17 pad and well count:

Extraction’s plan will shift 40 wells out of Broomfield to a location just north in Weld County (referred to as the Coyote Trails Pad) through which they will access Broomfield’s mineral resources. This location is in a landfill. The newly proposed well count sited in Broomfield would be:

Lowell 29 (same count Jan 17)

Sheridan 19 (reduced from 26 in Jan 17 plan)

United 21 (reduced from 42 in Jan 17 plan)

Huron 30 (reduced from 42 in Jan 17 plan)


At the 5/23 CCOB meeting, Extraction also reiterated that by May 5, it had completed its flowline inspections in Broomfield that were ordered after the Firestone tragedy.  They stated that they wanted to continue working with CCOB to secure pipeline rightaway and to create a supplement to the MOU to commit to further requirements.  Extraction also referred to its announcement that it will build pipelines for its Triple Creek project.  Neighbors had stated that these were promised all along and had filed a lawsuit.


CCOB Meeting Archived Minutes, 2017, MP4, Extraction comments 41:30- 50:00


Jean Lim, Wildgrass