CCOB Study Session 5/16/2017

Extraction submitted an updated plan to CCOB on 5/15/17. Their plan says they will shift 40 wells out of Broomfield to a location just north in Weld County (referred to as the Coyote Pad) through which they will access Broomfield’s mineral resources. This location is in a landfill. The newly proposed well count in Broomfield would be:

  • Lowell 29 (same count Jan 17)
  • Sheridan 19 (reduced from 26 in Jan 17 plan)
  • United 21 (reduced from 42 in Jan 17 plan)
  • Huron 30 (reduced from 42 in Jan 17 plan)

CCOB has requested that Extraction wait to file the pad spacing applications until the Oil and Gas Update Committee recommendations are completed and can be incorporated on the Extraction pads. However, Extraction is only proposing to slightly modify its spacing application submissions. The schedule is mentioned in their PPT, which seems to be purposely unclear to allow for negotiation:

  • United, Huron, Coyote Pads – application submissions May 25 with hearings July 24
  • Lowell, Sheridan Pads – application submissions EITHER May 25 or July 11, resulting in July 24 or Sep 11 hearings

Extraction has made several demands in exchange for delaying the Lowell and Sheridan pad spacing applications. One of them is for CCOB to give up their right to protest at the hearings, to which many council members responded “never.” That response and some other ideas discussed last night showed Council is gaining resolve to move in the right direction. Another Extraction request is for CCOB to give them the pipeline rightaway access that they need. Mayor Ahrens responded that can’t be done until the Update Committee completes their study of pipeline regulations in the aftermath of Firestone.

There are obviously a lot of moving pieces, but those are what I thought were important updates from the study session. If you are interested, you can access the study session video here under Archived Minutes (insert website here).

Jean Lim, Wildgrass

Broomfield Concerned