Marble/Saine Energy Summit Announcement

In a 5/16 email, Sen. Marble’s office announced the dates of the energy summits as June 22, July 20, August 24 and September 21. They will take place in Senate Committee Room 352 at the State Capitol from 10 am – 3 pm each day. In the morning session, the focus will be identification and inspection of abandoned flowlines, and in the afternoon the focus will be on forced pooling. There were no exact times stated in the email as to when the morning session would end and the afternoon session would begin. 
Also, at the 5/16 Council Study Session this evening, Council Member Law- Evans made a vague reference to an email that CCOB had received from Sen. Marble that CCOB could send 2 representatives to the summit. It was unclear if that meant sending 2 representatives to all 4 events or just one event, or if these representatives would be members of Council or Broomfield residents somehow selected by Council. 
On the Wildgrass Oil and Gas Forum, one of the members said, “A dollar short. A day late.” Everyone has been talking to Sen. Marble about the need for her to help us with forced pooling legislation since fall of last year.   Even the leader of the Anthem Ranch Republicans stated before Broomfield City Council at the 5/9 meeting that he traveled to the statehouse on April 6, and Sen. Marble gave him only 15 minutes of her time to talk about forced pooling. This should be a property rights issue that would align with her political philosophy, and he stated he got nowhere with her in the conversation. She has completely ignored the concerns of her constituents.  
Her email now claims that the forced pooling and other legislation were “impassionated reactions” (her 5/16 email).   The forced pooling legislation had been thoroughly researched based on its history in Colorado, comparisons to other states and current implications.  Colorado is one of the few states in the nation where force pooled mineral owners are made liable for the damages caused by oil and gas companies, yet it took the tragedy in Firestone to even get Sen. Marble to start listening.  
We needed her vote to modify forced pooling on May 3 in committee or on amendment 003 to SB17-301 on May 8, not a discussion during the summer when legislation can’t be proposed again until January. I will go and respectfully listen to what she has to say, just as I have listened to all the oil and gas representatives at statehouse hearings.  I would encourage others to do the same.  However, if Sen. Marble is really sincere about helping us out in Wildgrass and in Broomfield, then she needs to ask her friends at Extraction to wait to force pool us at least until new forced pooling legislation can be passed.

Jean Lim, Wildgrass