Forced Pooling Legislation At the Statehouse Week of April 30

Many Broomfield mineral owners have been working to make changes to forced pooling laws at the Statehouse for two years since they began to question if their property rights were supported under the current laws.  There will be action on two forced pooling bills this week at the Statehouse.

1) HB 18-1289 Exempt Local Government School Districts Forced Pooling – Monday, April 30

Mayor Ahrens testified for this bill in the House Committee and it will likely go to the House floor on Monday, April 30.  It ensures that mineral rights owned by the local governments and school districts would not be subject to forced pooling orders. These entities can still enter into agreements with industry operators if they so choose and negotiate leases but they will not be subject to forced pooling. The bill is limited to ensure this only applies to rights held by the entity before a drilling order application was made.

5/1 UPDATE: This bill passed the House this morning 34-30-1 (excused).  It is now headed to the Senate.

2) SB 18-230 Modify Laws Drilling Units Pooling Orders– Wednesday, May 2

It is scheduled to be heard in the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee on Wednesday, May 2 at 1:30 pm (after having already passed the Senate).  While SB 18-230 positively eliminates liability for forced pooled mineral owners and gives longer notice, it negatively increases the current operator cost recovery rate from 200% to 300%, greatly decreasing any proceeds that the forced pooled mineral owner would receive and leaving more in the pockets of the operator.  The City has indicated that they will send either Council Members or Staff to testify in support of Broomfield mineral owners.

In order to protect mineral owners, Rep. Matt Gray has stated that he is working on getting bipartisan support to amend the bill by May 2 to enable final passage before May 9.  Sen. Vicki Marble and Rep. Lori Saine were the original sponsors of the bill.

5/1 UPDATE: Rep. Matt Gray and Sen. Marble have reportedly reached an agreement to amend the bill in the House Committee on Wed, May 2.

If you would like to contact your state representatives about this bill, you can find their email addresses here.

If you are interested in testifying for SB 18-230 with amendments on Wed, May 2, please contact Jean Lim at