Natural gas facility explodes in Utah; two badly burned- The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel

By Charles Ashby, The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel    7/28/18

“Two men were badly injured Saturday when an explosion occurred about 10 a.m. at a natural gas collection facility near a gas processing plant about 50 miles west of Grand Junction.”

“The two men, whose identities were not released, were ‘badly burned’ and suffered ‘significant injuries’ in the explosion at a natural gas compression station on the north side of Interstate 70.”

“The fire was still burning when Lower Valley personnel left the scene about noon, leaving the fire under the control of the Moab Valley Fire Protection District.”

“‘It’s a dangerous situation up there with everything they’ve got going,’ Lower Valley Fire Protection District Lt. Beau Edic said. ‘They’ve got air monitoring and everything, but they have to let it burn down before they can do any kind of suppression, so it’s a lengthy process.'”

“Grand County Sheriff’s Deputy Jamison Wiggins said little is known about how the explosion occurred, but he said it was at a collection facility at or near the San Arroyo Gas Plant, which provides compression for natural gas from regional pipelines.

Compression is needed to keep natural gas flowing through pipelines.”

According to Extraction’s CDP schematic for the proposed Livingston Pad, there would be some gas compression on the pad.  However, the facility that exploded in Utah is probably more comparable to Elevation’s (Extraction subsidiary) Badger Central Gathering Facility, which will be in Weld County, east of I-25.  The map can be found here.