Save the Date for the June 11 COGCC Meeting

Have you thought about joining others to express your concerns about residential oil and gas developments in Broomfield and elsewhere?  Please save the date of June 11 for the State Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) Meeting in Greeley, CO.  If you can get the morning off of work, find a sitter for the vacationing children, or manage to set aside your many other responsibilities, it would be wonderful to make your voice heard at this crucial time.

Why is this meeting important?  The immediate answer involves the Extraction Form 2A and 2 permits currently pending before the COGCC.  Whether or not the Livingston Pad has been permitted by the time of the COGCC meeting on June 11, Broomfield residents should voice their concerns about all of the Extraction pads.  In a May 25 email to the City, the COGCC stated:

“The Interchange A&B Pad, the Northwest A Pad and the Northwest B Pad are planned to go before the Commission no sooner than the July 30 and 31, 2018 Hearing. The other Form 2As (United Pad and Livingstone A & B Pad) will not be heard by the Commission. The Livingston Pad and United Form 2As will be reviewed by staff and the decision to approve will be made by the Director. It is anticipated that the Livingston Form 2A will be ready for Director approval by June 1st.”

All of the Extraction Pads listed in the above statement from the COGCC are sited in Broomfield County. The Interchange and Northwest Pads were granted a July hearing due to the October request of Adams County officials related to those pads being sited in close proximity to their residents.  


There are likely to be other docket items on the June 11 & 12 hearing agenda related to Broomfield.  The docket and agenda will continue to be updated and can be found here.

Here are some preliminary details for the morning of June 11:

Event: June COGCC Public Hearing June 11th, 9-11am

Where: University of Northern Colorado, Lindou Auditorium – in the Michener Library; 501 20th St., Greeley, CO 80639

If you want to attend and give a three minute public statement, sign-ups for public comment will begin on June 6.  Further details will be provided later but the procedure is summarized here.

If you cannot attend and still want to let the COGCC know your thoughts about residential drilling, you can send an email to:

Julie Murphy, Director Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

(303) 894-2100 x5122