Broomfield Asks COGCC for Help with Noise Complaints Coming from Livingston Pad

Broomfield took an unprecedented step on Thursday based on widespread community impacts from continued noise at the Livingston pad. Noise complaints, which according to the newsflash, totaled 28 last night (2/26/2020) and 124 since milling and tubing operations began on the pad, prompted the city, specifically city manager Jennifer Hoffman, to reach out to the COGCC for relief. On behalf of the city, Hoffman is asking the COGCC to halt Extraction’s operations between the hours of 10 pm and 7 am, hours that correspond with the city’s emergency noise ordinance.

It’s become clear that city council and staff are aware the noise isn’t just a nuisance; it creates negative health impacts and can cause anxiety and depression as well as other health impacts.

Residents of surrounding neighborhoods took to NextDoor to make complaints about the noise as far away as the Broadlands and McKay Landing neighborhoods. Residents of nearby neighborhoods like Anthem, Anthem Ranch, and Wildgrass, who have consistently been reporting noise impacts for months, vented frustrations of the overall impact of so many sleepless nights.

Hoffman’s letter reads as follows:

Director Robbins-

While we are grateful for your and COGGC support and responsiveness during the O & G operations in our neighborhoods, there is more to do. Many residents of Broomfield, and their local government, are under siege as a result of the noise emanating from Extraction’s Livingston pad site in Broomfield. Broomfield received 28 complaints last night and 124 since milling and tubing operations began on Friday, February 21st.

These are not mere stories of inconvenience. These are very real instances of residents suffering mental anguish, stress, fatigue and other physical symptoms. Our Public Health Department has compiled a summary of health impacts reported by affected residents. From February 21 through February 27, there were 77 reported health concerns. The major symptoms reported were difficulty sleeping, anxiety/stress, vibrations, and headaches.

We have provided the COGCC with a summary of monitoring results and a summary of noise complaints received from impacted residents. The COGCC boreholes map shows that the directional wellbores from the Livingston Pad appear to run directly under the neighborhoods with the majority of the noise complaints. While it may be a coincidence, we are receiving direct complaints of “vibrations” from residents that are living in the areas directly above the well bore. When we consider that the operations on the pad are milling operations, it seems like a big association of the complaints and locations/noise.

The City and County of Broomfield has requested that Extraction curtail its nightime activities until the noise issues are addressed. Extraction refused that request from Broomfield. Extraction has also limited access to their staff by Broomfield employees. Broomfiled’s attorney has been informed by Extraction that all communication from Broomfield to Extraction is to go through their attorney. This action by Extraction limits the ability of our staff to work with Extraction’s employees to troubleshoot and identify actions to mitigate the noise concerns in an expedited, thoughtful and reasonable fashion.

Based on the above information substantiating the impact on human health, the COGCC must direct that Extraction curtail the activities between 10 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. that create these devastating impacts from the Livingston pad.

This action must be taken this afternoon and must stay in place until Extraction can guarantee that there will be no violation of COGCC noise regulations. I eagerly await your response. Jennifer

Included in the newsflash is a reminder that Broomfield has issued and will continue to issue citations to Extraction, who apparently violates the emergency noise ordinance put into place. On March 3, the first court appearance for these citations will take place at the Broomfield Municipal court at 9:30 am.

Additional steps to mitigate noise levels include asking Extraction to limit its equipment use and seek quieter equipment.

Please continue to report concerns— noise or health-related– to both the City and the COGCC.