City Council to Vote Tonight (1/28/20) for More Resources to Support Noise Ordinance.

UPDATE: This vote passed unanimously at the 1/28/2020 City Council meeting.

Broomfield City Council will be taking a vote at the Council Meeting tonight for funding for “completion of a modeling study and for costs associated with adding three stationary monitoring stations” to support the City and County of Broomfield’s noise ordinance which was passed unanimously on January 14. Item 7f will be heard first in Council Business at tonight’s Council Meeting.  Please consider writing to Council or attending Council around 6:30 pm to support this funding to enforce the noise ordinance.

This vote is happening as residents continue to report loud, overnight noise coming from the Livingston Site, disrupting sleep. Broomfield Concerned learned that Residents reported noise issues overnight last night and also learned of noise complaints that were made between 3:00AM-3:45AM on the morning of January 24th. These disruptions are happening despite the recently passed noise ordinance going into effect on January 22nd.

The City has already taken additional steps to better monitor overnight noise complaints by hiring Colorado Security Services to investigate sound complaints in the neighborhoods surrounding the Livingston pad. This monitoring started on last night. It is important to report any and all noise complaints as they happen, and you must provide an address or closest cross streets. Complaints can be reported to or by phone at 720.887.3130.

You can read more about what will be voted on tonight with Item 7f Resolution No. 2020-53 Authorizing and Approving Annual Aggregate Spending for Sound Monitoring Services Related to Oil and Gas Development with Vibra-Tech Engineers, Inc. here.

You can read Emergency Ordinance No. 2117 Amending Chapter 9-36 of the Broomfield Municipal Code Relating to Noise here.