Extraction Oil and Gas Found Guilty in Noise Violation Case with City and County of Broomfield

The city and county of Broomfield announced today that “On October 7, 2020, Extraction Oil and Gas, Inc. was found guilty on seven citations for violating Broomfield’s noise ordinance. After a day and a half trial, the Broomfield Municipal Court found Extraction Oil and Gas, Inc. guilty of failing to submit a noise modeling study as required by the ordinance.”

Hundreds of residents nearby the Livingston pads complained of loud vibrations and noise, markedly at night while they were trying to sleep. The noise started in November, 2019 and continued well into 2020.

The statement reminds residents that “In January, Broomfield City Council adopted an emergency noise ordinance that required industrial uses located outside of industrial zoning districts to limit their operations to daytime hours, or to submit a noise modeling study that showed they could meet residential noise standards at the boundary line of the nearest adjacent residential zone district. Extraction declined to submit the noise modeling study. Broomfield subsequently issued citations in February when Extraction continued to operate at night.”

See the statement released from the city here.