Oil & Gas Industry Pouring Huge Amount of $$ to Defeat Proposition 112

“The oil and gas industry has continued pumping millions of dollars into defeating a Colorado ballot measure [Proposition 112] that would establish 2,500-foot setbacks around new wells and other infrastructure,” according to an article in the October 10, 2018 edition of the Denver Business Journal (See who’s spending the most on Colorado’s oil-well setback ballot fight”).

Indeed, this industry with plenty of money to spare to suppress the will of the people of Colorado consistently goes in front of the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) to whine about financial difficulties that prohibit them from implementing health and safety measures in “fracking” densely populated neighborhoods.  The article states that the $33 million raised through September will pay for “TV and radio advertising, large banners on buildings and elsewhere.”

As a Colorado citizen who lives in a densely populated area (Broomfield) that is about to be “fracked,” I am deeply disappointed that my mayor, Randy Ahrens, decided to side with the industry in opposition to Proposition 112, according to the Western Wire.

Based on the data found in the Denver Business Journal article, this graph shows the top 16 oil & gas industry donors who are trying hard to defeat Proposition 112.