The Importance of Question 301

I am more convinced than ever that we need to pass Question 301 to protect the health and safety of Broomfield residents! We need to take bold steps to protect our neighbors and ourselves.

Question 301 is a proposed amendment to the Broomfield City Charter that would require any decision about oil and gas development to consider the negative effects that decision could have on residents. The passage of 301 would give the Broomfield City Council tools in their box to make sure they are serving the people of Broomfield and ensuring they are considering resident safety. The passage of 301 is vital to Broomfield residents so their representatives have a seat at the table in planning oil and gas development in residential areas.

While the city has worked hard to negotiate an amended Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Extraction, it is still a give-and-take process. Extraction refuses to agree to all of the standards in the Update Committee’s recommendations. Even if they meet the setback requirements, there could still be health issues if Extraction fails to meet the other requirements.

The possibility of 34 wells on the Livingston Pad is frightening, especially when there is no other alternative pad suggested in the MOU. This will be a large-scale industrial drilling site near Anthem Ranch, Wildgrass, our future reservoir, and open space.

Also, it appears the State (COGCC) has no desire to revise its antiquated rules for drilling. These rules were written for vertical wells in rural areas, not horizontal wells in the middle of neighborhoods. They are meaningless when it comes to protecting the health and safety of residents from the proposed drilling projects in Broomfield.

Some people are concerned that amendment 301 could cause Broomfield to be sued by the oil and gas industry. While I am not looking for a lawsuit, I can’t let that stop me from working hard to pass this amendment. Residents of Broomfield deserve the additional protection this amendment offers.

Donate to help us inform others at Be sure you have a sign in your yard. Talk to your friends and neighbors about the importance of this City Charter amendment. And last but most important, VOTE YES ON 301!