“2019 State, Local Priorities Under Discussion” – Broomfield Enterprise

By Jennifer Rios, Broomfield Enterprise 1/4/19

In the article, citizens are reminded that they can comment on their 2019 priorities for Broomfield by Jan. 11 at 5 p.m. at https://www.broomfieldvoice.com/council-priorities   Then, according to the article, “that feedback will be shared with council members at their annual focus session Jan. 29. At that time, council will discuss those findings and cull a list of issues they plan to address throughout the year.”

There are 170 comments as of 1/6/19, including multiple comments which “call on Broomfield officials to protect the health and safety of residents by either suing oil and gas companies with plans to drill or by ‘pushing out fracking’ from residential and public school areas. ‘It’s time for front range municipalities to stand together in the face of this destructive industry that has been allowed by our delinquent state regulators to place industrial operations in residential communities,’ comment [sic] a resident who signed as Health&Safety1st.”

Also included in article is a reference to a legislative breakfast held on Wed, Jan. 2 with Rep. Matt Gray, D-Broomfield, and Broomfield staff and city council members to plan goals for the upcoming legislative. “Sen. Vicki Marble was invited, but unable to attend the gathering.”

“Not surprisingly, the two items most discussed were oil and gas and transportation, Gray said.”

“’It’s an area people are very interested in,’ Gray said. ‘Particularly, what, if anything, the state is going to accomplish on oil and gas policy.’ He explained where he thinks conversations currently are heading — how leadership in both the House and Senate and the governor’s office are working on reform. While Gray has not seen actual legislative language, the two areas he’s heard discussed are increasing local control of oil and gas, and clarifying the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission’s mission from one that strives to develop as many resources as possible to balancing that with taking health and safety of people who live near oil an gas developments into account.”

Please read the rest of the Broomfield Enterprise article at http://www.broomfieldenterprise.com/news/ci_32365978/2019-state-local-priorities-under-discussion