ACCDAN Releases Letter to Broomfield Council on New Extraction Proposal

Adams County Communities for Drilling Accountability Now (ACCDAN) has released a letter to Broomfield City Council in response to the new Extraction proposal that is next to their communities.

Please see their letter in its original PDF format here.

September 26, 2017

Dear City and County of Broomfield Elected Officials and Staff,

My name is Jennifer Gamble of 2280 E. 138th Avenue, Brighton, CO. I am President of Adams County Communities for Drilling Accountability Now (ACCDAN), a bi-partisan non-profit organization providing education and awareness regarding large-scale oil and gas near neighborhoods and advocating for such facilities to be as safe and far from homes as possible. Founded more than two years ago, we currently have more than 500 supporters.

The current Broomfield Extraction proposal to put 65 wells approximately 750 feet from neighborhoods in unincorporated Adams County makes it the most atrocious affront against Adams County residents of any current oil and gas project and yet Adams County and its residents have not been engaged by the Broomfield on these plans. Sadly, the most impacted residents have had no voice.

1) The new plan moves well pads closer to neighborhoods not farther away.

2) The new plan puts wells farther from Broomfield residential development but closer to the Next Step group home for the disabled.

3) The new plan moves wells 1,320 feet from existing Broomfield homes but puts them 750 feet from Adams County residents.

4) The new plan creates a situation in which single resident homes are directly impacted by multiple well pads

5) The new plan increases from three to eight well pads (flying in the face of the GOGCC stated preference toward consolidation of wells on larger pads to reduce locational impacts).

6) The new plan causes gathering lines to travel back and forth under Northwest Parkway multiple times and more pads means more gathering lines connecting to the planned pipeline.

7) The new plan puts 65 wells on the other side of Northwest Parkway from the closest fire station making response time slower.

8) The new plan moves one pad farther from Broomfield homes at the expense of its planned drinking water reservoir, putting the views of few above the drinking water quality of many.

9) The new plan might appease large developer McWhinney and gain Broomfield additional open space in the process, but the ones paying the price are Adams County residents.


These eight pads were proposed by Extraction in an effort to meet the Broomfield Task Force’s tiered setback recommendations by putting multiple smaller pads each only 500 feet apart (in effect – one large long pad) to meet the recommendations. No scientific evidence exists regarding varying pad sizes and safe distance from homes. We commend Extraction for going to a tankless system which is safest for residents and also renders a pad of 8 or 9 wells pretty much equal in risk to a pad of 33 wells. It was the tanks that posed the greatest risk of air emissions, spills, fire and explosion.

We urge the City and County of Broomfield and Extraction to hold a neighborhood meeting for the 150 closely impacted residents of Adams County no later than October 12, 2017. These most impacted citizens deserve a voice in this process since they will be paying the price for decades to come.

We encourage the City and County of Broomfield to work with Adams County and its most impacted residents together with Extraction to create an approach that puts the rights of Adams County residents on an equal playing field. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further discussion.


Jennifer Gamble, President, ACCDAN, 720-334-0709