Acme Pad Objections Continue From the City of Broomfield and Resident Rights

In ongoing efforts to object to the Acme Pad that was approved by Erie in their Nov. 4 Operator Agreement with Crestone, the City of Broomfield posted comments on the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) well permits as directed by Council on Nov. 27.  You can read their comments here.

Also, as requested by Council, the Staff did a comparison between the Erie-Crestone Operator Agreement Best Management Practices (BMPs) and the Broomfield-Extraction BMPs.  It can be viewed here.  The Staff summary of it in the Dec. 11 Oil and Gas Update states that, “The overall Extraction agreement includes more BMPs than are included in the Crestone agreement, and in most cases, the Extraction BMPs are stronger. The only caveat is that apparently the ACME pad has already been subject to the Town [of Erie] approval process, and pursuant to that process, other BMPs may have been required. So, it may be that in some instances where the chart says ‘no BMP required’ for the ACME pad, the Town has required something already but that requirement is not contained in the BMP appendix.”

Among other citizen comments on the Acme Pad well permits are those of Residents Rights, an impacted citizens group that has filed a lawsuit against the City of Broomfield for its approval of the Extraction Comprehensive Drilling Plan.  You can read the Form 2 comments of Residents Rights here.

You can submit comments to the COGCC on the Acme Pad Form 2A by December 30.  Citizen comments related to surface pad location health, safety and nuisance impacts are pertinent on the Form 2A.  You can find previous concerns expressed by residents in our blog here. Here is the link to submit comments: