“Battle brewing over oil and gas ballot measure in Broomfield” Broomfield Enterprise

“Battle Brewing Over Oil and Gas Ballot Measure in Broomfield:  Measure would prioritize ‘health, safety’ of residents'”

By Jennifer Rios  Broomfield Enterprise 10/1/17

“A group of Broomfield residents have announced they are forming an organization that opposes the Home Charter amendment that will be up for a vote in Broomfield’s November municipal election.

An issue committee, ‘Vote No on 301, Don’t Let Them Divide Broomfield,’ filed with the Election Division and listed Broomfield resident Karen Nelson as the registered agent.”

“Judy Kelly, one resident who helped get the question on the ballot, said through ‘extensive door knocking and outreach,’ supporters of the effort have learned that Broomfielders have concerns about proposed oil and gas operations.

‘They seek legal, conscientious ways to ensure that health and safety are foremost as these developments are considered,’ Kelly said. ‘Citizens have a legal right to bring forth initiatives for a vote. Question 301 is not dishonest or divisive; it is an initiative that allows citizens to vote on the issue.'”

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