Boulder County Requests COGCC Response as Crestone Violates Stay by Filing More COGCC Permits

In a Boulder County press release today, Boulder County announced that Crestone Peak Resources, LLC had filed more Boulder County drilling permits with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) despite the fact that Boulder County had filed a lawsuit against Crestone on September 25 and had requested a stay on permits.  Boulder County now requests that the COGCC respond “whether it will put these applications on hold or reject them as untimely. Should the COGCC proceed with the applications, the county will request a public hearing in front of the COGCC Commission.”  The permits are for areas near the intersection of US 287 and State Highway 52 (Mineral Road).

Broomfield and Erie residents will recognize the operator Crestone from its Nov. 4 Operator Agreement with Erie that approved the 30 well Acme Pad which would greatly impact Anthem Ranch, Anthem Highlands, and Erie residents who live near its location at the corner of Highway 7 and Bonanza Drive.  At the November 27 Council Meeting, Broomfield City Council directed Staff to protest the Crestone Acme Pad COGCC Form 2A and 2 drilling permits, while at the same time recognizing that the COGCC would have to make an exception in granting Broomfield the right to protest since the Acme Pad will be sited in Erie.

According to the Boulder County Oil and Gas announcement, Commissioner Elise Jones stated, “We are very disappointed that Crestone is jumping the gun with these permit applications when our lawsuit raises important legal questions underlying the entire CDP project.  These applications are clearly premature and waste everyone’s time.”

If you want to comment, you can go to the COGCC permit webpage here and search for Boulder County to find over 100 Form 2 and three Form 2A permits.  Boulder County stated that the deadlines for the Crestone COGCC applications vary but that the first deadline is already on Dec. 6.