Broomfield Health and Safety First Sends Letter to City Objecting to Pending CDP Approval

Broomfield Health and Safety First (BHSF/301) sent the following statement on the CDP to the City on August 1.  It was in response to a July 31 document posted on the City’s website which states that the City Manager “intends to approve the final CDP on August 2, 2018, after final review to confirm all of the final comments have been addressed as set forth in the July 6, 2018, letter.”

Here is the BHSF letter to the City:

“Dear Council, and Staff,

We are aware, based on a memo posted 7/31/18 on the Broomfield website, that City Manager Charles Ozaki plans to administratively approve Extraction Oil and Gas, Inc’s CDP tomorrow, August 1. This is unacceptable as it is a failure to serve the public as well as a failure to uphold Broomfield’s laws including the City Charter as overwhelmingly amended by voters with the 301 Health and Safety First Amendment. It is contrary to democratic principals that you decidedly cut off public participation in the very important CDP approval process, and that you have made the decision to approve Extraction’s CDP behind closed doors.

This is very disturbing especially after nearly two years of public processes going back to before implementation of the Task Force. Given that CCOB Special Counsel Phil Barber just yesterday at the COGCC Crestone Gottl Pad hearing cited the ruling in the Martinez case as current law in Colorado, it is appropriate that the City fully demonstrate in public to residents that the Extraction CDP protects the health, safety and welfare of residents – as is required by both Colorado State law and Broomfield law.

Neil Allaire
Co-Chair, 301 Committee”