Broomfield Sends Demand Letter to Extraction on Drilling Mud and Tier 4 Engines

In a September 5 letter to Extraction, the City and County of Broomfield (CCOB) demanded that Extraction not change its drilling mud from Neoflo 4633 as Extraction recently proposed on August 29.  Neoflo 4633 had replaced Gibson D822 at the end of July for drilling the Livingston Pad wells after many resident complaints were received from those living near the Interchange B and Livingston Pads.  Also in the letter, CCOB also demanded that Extraction continue to use Tier 4 engines in all drilling operations.      

The beginning of the letter reads:

“We were distrurbed by your recent notification indicating Extraction intends to switch to a different synthetic drilling mud that is untested in Broomfield or even Colorado. Let this serve as a written demand that until, and unless a drilling mud that is tested and proven to be safer and odorless is identified, there will be no change in the mud. Additionally, we demand compliance with the Operator Agreement of the usage of the Tier 4 Quiet Fleet engines at all well pads and for all current and future operations in Broomfield. Extraction has proven that Tier 4 engines are in fact ‘commonly available’ for their operations in Broomfield.”

Please read the entire letter with the citations from the Operator Agreement here.