Broomfield Sends Letter to Erie Requesting that Crestone Acme Pad Use Broomfield Regulations

On July 17, the City of Broomfield sent a letter to Erie requesting that Erie and Crestone agree that the Acme Pad sited just north of Broomfield “comply with all requirements of Broomfield’s oil and gas regulations as approved on July 10, 2018.”  Broomfield’s letter was in response to a referral for the Crestone Acme Pad application sent by Erie on June 27.

Broomfield’s letter includes questions as to how far away the Acme Pad will be from Broomfield residences and if pipelines, “Quiet Fleet” technology, and noise and traffic mitigation regulations would be applied.  Please read the entire letter from Broomfield to Erie here, with its inclusion of the July 10 Broomfield oil and gas regulations.

Crestone Peak Resources (Crestone) is proposing to drill 15 wells on the ACME Pad, which will be located 1/4 mile north of Anthem Ranch and Anthem Highlands, just northwest of the Kum & Go gas station near Highway 7 and Lowell Blvd.  A map of the Acme Pad is available here.   

Broomfield residents had been invited to submit their comments to Erie by July 17.  Erie had indicated that any response not received by Tuesday, July 17 would be deemed a positive comment by the Town of Erie.