Citizen Complaint Process Launched by City

A new citizen complaint response and tracking system for oil and gas development issues was launched by Broomfield on October 1.  This system had been in development by the City and under discussion at Council for several months in light of Extraction’s pending 84 well oil and gas development which received final Comprehensive Drilling Plan approval by the City Manager on September 10.

Citizens can access the complaint system here.  It lists complaint categories of odor, noise, lighting, dust, traffic, water, air, spill, wildlife, and waste.  It asks for a description of the complaint, any photos, if the issue is isolated or reoccurring, and for any possible source of the problem.

Ordinance 2075 Amending the Oil and Gas Regulations to Add a Hearing Process for Complaints has been under discussion at Council for several months.  Staff stated at the September 25 Council Meeting that it still needs revision and will not likely be brought back before Council for first reading again until about the second week of November.

According to the latest schedule from Extraction provided to the City, drilling will begin on the Interchange B Pad in 4th quarter of 2018 and then the Livingston Pad in 1st Quarter of 2019.  This table shows that there are 1745 housing units within one mile of the Livingston Pad and 364 housing units within one mile of the Interchange B Pad.