City Comments Submitted to the COGCC on the Livingston and Interchange Pads

In conjunction with the deadline for submission of comments to the COGCC on March 1 at 11 am, the City has posted its submitted comments on the City’s Oil and Gas Webpage.  The 5 page comment document focuses on the fact that Broomfield has not approved Extraction’s Comprehensive Drilling Plan that is required of Extraction by the Oct. 24 Operator Agreement (MOU).

In the document, the City states that they have been “working diligently with Extraction on the Plan, through weekly meetings and timely and reasonable communications with Extraction.”  The City reminds the COGCC that in the Oct. 31 COGCC hearings that the COGCC indicated that the permits must “comport with” the MOU.

“Broomfield believes that Extraction has an obligation to correct or update any deficient statements in the Plan,” according to the City’s comments.  The document then continues to list about 40 bulleted deficiencies.

At the end of the document, the City requests that the COGCC leave the comments open until all issues are resolved. In return, the City pledges to continue to work with Extraction.

Please read the City’s entire document here