City Council April 23 Agenda Has Request for Future Discussion of Moratorium and No Drilling Under Rocky Flats

At the Tuesday, April 23 Council Meeting, Item 13c the monthly Oil and Gas Update Report will later be followed by Item 18a Councilmember Requests for Future Action which includes:

– “Councilmember Shelton has requested that Council make a motion to oppose drilling under Rocky Flats. (See the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council’s motion included as Attachment 1)” 

–  “Councilmember Kreeger has requested that Council discuss adopting a moratorium on oil and gas.”

There are no links to further information about what this moratorium might look like as the item is just proposing future discussion at Council. 

Item 7b Resolution No. 2019-119 to Reschedule a Regular Meeting of the City Council for May 2019 shows the approval process related to earlier discussions to hold a May 14 Study Session with DNV-GL consultants on the HAZID and implementation of SB19-181 Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operations in the City’s Oil and Gas Regulations.

Some highlights from Item 13c.Oil and Gas Update – April 23, 2019 include:

– Drilling started for 10 wells on the Interchange B Pad on Friday, April 19.  Drilling takes approximately 6 days per well.

– The Northwest access road in the Open Space is complete. (Neighbors have reported noisy trucks driving through and lining up along that road both day and night.)

– A description of the fresh water system to be used only during completions at the well pads, according to the City.  This system includes water coming from Standley Ditch near Highway 7 to the MLVT Fresh Water Storage Pad and then to the 6 drilling pads using lay flat piping. 

– Remediation of contamination found by Extraction at the Nordstrom 3-9 well site and the Webber “H” Unit #1 site.  It should be noted that the Webber site is the future location of the MLVT Fresh Water Storage Pad which has comments due on a COGCC Form 2A permit by April 28

Implementation of SB19-181 Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operations in the City’s Oil and Gas regulations.  This includes an area local government discussion on April 26, a May 14 Council Study Session and a May 15 local government meeting with COGCC Director Robbins.

Sheridan road heave caused by Extraction – It is out for bid by Extraction and the Engineering Staff should have a schedule in the next two weeks.

– An Air Quality Monitoring presentation to Council is expected in May after the first quarter results are available in April.