City Notification of Pending CDP Approval as Broomfield Health and Safety First Details CDP Deficiencies

To the surprise of many citizens who have not had a chance to comment on the CDP to Council since June 27, a July 31 document posted on the City’s website states that the City Manager “intends to approve the final CDP on August 2, 2018, after final review to confirm all of the final comments have been addressed as set forth in the July 6, 2018, letter.”   The July 6 letter was sent by the City to Extraction to list the remaining deficiencies in the fourth revision of the Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP).

Approval of the CDP is required by the October 24 Operator Agreement between Extraction and the City before Extraction can go forward with construction of its 84 wells proposed in Broomfield.  Remaining steps before drilling would also include approval of the drilling permits for the Interchange, Northwest and United Pads at the COGCC on August 1 and forced pooling of unleased mineral owners in the spacing units.

According to the City, Extraction addressed all of the comments in the City’s July 6 letter.  Please review Extraction’s responses in green here.

At the same time that the City was posting the notice about the pending CDP approval, Broomfield Health and Safety First (BHSF) emailed a ten-page letter to the City detailing the remaining unresolved issues in the CDP.  According to BHSF which sponsored Charter Amendment 301, “We believe that the protection of health and safety is clearly not being upheld in the CDP as demonstrated both by the City’s response [in the July 6 letter] and by the key points in the subsequent pages of this document.  We urge the City to maintain the strong stance that has been taken on these matters, and to continue to pursue Extraction’s breach of the Operator Agreement.”

Please read the entire BHSF document about the deficiencies of the CDP here.