City Response to Dangerous Extraction Truck Traffic Violations: New Sign and Improved Communication

As described in our Dec.13 blog, a resident reported dangerous Extraction truck traffic violations going north on Lowell just past Sheridan to the Broomfield Oil and Gas Complaint System.  Extraction trucks turning into the Livingston Pad were not following the truck route ordered by the Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP).  The truck route designed for safety shows that trucks may only turn right into the pad going southwest on Sheridan and may only turn right out of the pad going south on Lowell.  You can read the resident’s original complaint below.

Here is the City’s Dec. 17 response to the resident’s complaint, as shared by the resident:

“Thank you for submitting your concern in the complaint system related to left turns being made near the Lowell and Sheridan intersection.  The information you provided was submitted to the City and County of Broomfield Traffic Engineer and the Engineering Inspector overseeing the Extraction pipeline construction.”

“The Traffic Engineer confirmed that a permanent sign needed to be mounted on a standard approved pole for better visibility.  He also confirmed that there should be no left turns into the Extraction access road.”

“The Engineering inspector went out to the site to confirm a no left turn sign and a sign with a no left turn symbol were in place.  This was completed on December 13th. A permanent sign is expected to be installed by Extraction on December 17th. In addition, the inspector discussed this issue with Extraction employees and contractors.”

“Additionally, this issue will be communicated to Extraction personnel during weekly operations meetings, which include contractors.  The Broomfield Police Department will be informed of the situation since they enforce traffic regulations and issue citations.”

“Thank you.

Laura Davis, Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives

City Manager’s Office”

During previous Council Meetings, Extraction pledged that it would hold its contractors accountable for following the CDP, which contained the truck route.  There is no indication in the response from the City that Extraction admitted that its contractor was at fault in making the left turns or that Extraction took responsibility for it.  The 1000 page document has many more complex rules to follow than a no-left-turn sign.

It was noted by the resident that the new City sign no longer has the speed limit posted.  See the comparison of the two signs side by side, with the one on the left taken at the time of the resident’s complaint and the new one posted by the City Traffic Engineer on the right, without a speed limit. 

If you would like to express concerns or make further suggestions to the City about enforcement of the Comprehensive Drilling Plan, you can email

If you see Extraction trucks not following the prescribed route, please report it here

Here is the original complaint that the resident filed with the City:

“Description of Complaint
I was heading north on Lowell Blvd at approximately 4:00 pm on Dec 11 and slowed to a stop just after crossing the Lowell/Sheridan intersection due to a pickup truck turning left into the Extraction entrance to the Livingston Site. I have attached a photo of the sign indicating no left hand turns at this entrance. Does this sign apply to Extraction employees and their subcontractors? If not, that must be indicated on the signage and a plan to prevent traffic backup must be implemented.”

“I was stopped just shy of being in the Lowell/Sheridan intersection which could result in a hazardous situation if several cars were crossing at the same time on a green light waiting for a left turning Extraction employee/subcontractor vehicle.”

“What is the possible source of the issue?

Extraction employees and subcontractors ignoring the no left turn sign”

“Is the issue repetitive or a single occurrence?

Repetitive. This is the second time I have seen a vehicle turn left here. I saw a truck turn left here last week, but that time the truck did not stop traffic on Lowell.”