COGCC Jan 28 & 29 Hearings Agenda: Broomfield Items Continued

The COGCC January 28 & 29 hearings will convene with new Director Jeff Robbins and an executive session on the new lawsuit filed by Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee against the COGCC to challenge the constitutionality of the forced pooling provision of the Colorado Oil and Gas Act.

Some notable items:

On p. 5 of the Agenda, there is a note and crossed out items indicating that the City failed to follow COGCC procedures to publish notice of municipality challenges in the newspaper.  Therefore, the COGCC did not allow the hearings requested by the City to go forward as planned on January 28 & 29.  The Broomfield hearings which are continued to March 11 & 12 will be both:

  • Docket No. 19100177 The request by the City for a hearing concerning the  COGCC’s approval of  Crestone’s Form 2s for the Goltl East and Goltl West wells and of Crestone’s Form 2A for the proposed Goltl pad.  The COGCC approved these permits on December 7 over objections that Broomfield had filed to the permits.

The COGCC Commissioners will go into Executive Session on Monday at noon to receive legal advice regarding Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee v. State of Colorado; Jared S. Polis in his official capacity as Governor of the State of Colorado, COGCC; and Jeffrey Robbins in his official capacity as Acting Director of the COGCC filed on January 23, 2019 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado.

It was previously reported that the Lowell South (Livingston Pad) forced pooling hearing had been continued to the March 11 & 12 COGCC meeting at the request of Extraction.  (Docket No. 181000799) Extraction continued a pattern of postponing that hearing that was originally scheduled for the October 29 & 30 COGCC meeting.  According to the current Extraction timeline, construction of the Livingston Pad will begin in early February and drilling will begin in June.

Please see the current agenda here.