COGCC Permit Public Comments Lost in IT Malfunction

The COGCC announced that pad and well permit comments submitted by the public on the COGCC website from January 18 to January 30 were lost and users were given no notification.  On January 30, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) posted the following notice on the COGCC home page:

“Since January 18th, the COGCC has been experiencing IT issues with the electronic form submission and notification process. These problems have now been resolved. Acting Director Robbins has extended the comment period by 20 days for all affected permit applications.”

Public comments on permits were lost during this period, according to further details posted by the City from a COGCC email.  It stated that “neither the COGCC nor the commenters are receiving error messages that the notifications or comments are not being received.”

There are indications that the IT malfunction may have caused public comments to be lost earlier than January 18.  Jean Lim (author) submitted comments on four Broomfield Extraction wells on January 9 which were never posted before the January 30 COGCC malfunction notice.  The wells were:

401504441 Interchange A S16-20-20N

401504488 Interchange B S22-30-20N

401475489 Livingston S19-25-15N

401475500 Livingston S20-25-2C

Ms. Lim made an attempt to repost her comments on January 26, before the COGCC put out notice of the malfunction.  The deadline for the Interchange well comments was January 27 and her comments were never posted.  The deadline for the Livingston well comments was February 1 and her comments were posted on January 29.

Ms. Lim wrote to the COGCC on January 31 to convey that the IT system was most likely malfunctioning earlier than their stated date of January 18, at least from her experience of January 9 comments being lost.  She suggested that the COGCC needed to look for permits across Colorado that had deadlines during January and re-open those permits.  She has not heard a response from the COGCC.

Colorado citizens who think that their public comments on well permits might have been lost during January can check on the well permits and then email COGCC Director Jeff Robbins at for further information.