“Colorado oil-gas regulators delay decisions on rules for pipelines” The Denver Post 1/9

At the Jan. 9 Broomfield City Council meeting, Special Counsel Tami Yellico reported that regional groups would meet with the COGCC staff again next week, as the COGCC delayed its decision on new flowline regulations until Feb. 13.  Along with Ms. Yellico, North Metro Fire District Deputy Chief of Operations Jeff Bybee and Special Consulting Attorney Elizabeth Paranhos presented their testimony late on Monday.  It supported technology-based monitoring for leaks instead of just visual testing currently required.  They also requested that more notice and “as-built” maps of flowlines be provided to the City.

Ms. Yellico thought the Commissioners were very interested in Broomfield’s push for environmental liability insurance by operators, which was proposed in the Comprehensive Plan oil and Gas Task Force Chapter.  At the Tuesday hearing, oil and gas operators said that they disliked this insurance proposal, claiming that they weren’t even sure they could secure it.  Ms. Yellico stated that “it might be hearsay” but that she overheard the director talking about the need for more financial assurances.

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“Colorado oil-gas regulators delay decisions on rules for pipelines”  By Bruce Finley,  The Denver Post 1/9/18

Colorado oil-gas regulators delay decisions on rules for pipelines