“Colorado Supreme Court agrees to hear appeal in Martinez oil and gas lawsuit” The Boulder Daily Camera

By Amelia Arvesen, The Boulder Daily Camera 1/29/18
According to the Boulder Daily Camera, “The Colorado Supreme Court this morning announced it will hear oil and gas regulators’ appeal of a lawsuit headed up by a Boulder teen that seeks to require the state to prioritize public health and environment when issuing drilling permits.
Monday’s announcement that the state’s highest court will take up what’s commonly referred to as the Martinez case does not specify when it will heard.”


Background: The Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Martinez on March 23 and charged the COGCC with fostering “responsible, balanced” development, production and use of oil and gas “in a manner consistent with protection of public health, safety, and welfare, including protection of the environment and wildlife resources.”

On May 1, the COGCC voted unanimously to appeal the decision to the Colorado Supreme Court.

The case has been on hold, waiting for the Colorado Supreme Court to decide if it would hear the case. It announced this morning that it will hear the case on an unspecified date.

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