Council Holding Executive Session on Lawsuit Next Tuesday

Council will hold a special executive session next Tuesday, October 30 at 6 p.m. to discuss the Residents Rights and WildEarth Guardians lawsuit served to the City on October 23.  This decision was made during the Attorney’s Report at the October 23 Council Meeting.

The Executive Session will be held in order to give CCOB Attorney Sullivan some direction from Council in response to the lawsuit.  Council Member Groom stated that she has a conflict and cannot be present.

After setting up the Executive Session for the lawsuit, Mayor Ahrens stated while looking at CCOB Attorney Sullivan, “My understanding is, ironically, Extraction was named in it as well.” “That is correct,” replied CCOB Attorney Sullivan. Mayor Ahrens replied, “So we would be on the same side as Extraction.” CCOB Attorney Sullivan replied, “That is the way it is positioned.” Mayor Ahrens ended with, “I just wanted Council to be aware of that.”

Executive Sessions are not open to the public. Council Members will certainly be advised by the City not to respond to public comments sent to them, but if you want to send any comments on the lawsuit to Council before the Executive Session, you can email them at