Council Will Vote on Support for Comprehensive Oil and Gas Bill at Tuesday Council Meeting

A Council resolution to support SB 19-181 Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operations will be voted on at the Tuesday, March 19 Council MeetingItem 14 on the Council Agenda was brought forth by Council Member Castriotta and will require a two-thirds vote for approval, according to Council rules.  One of its main provisions is to allow local governments to further regulate oil and gas operations in their jurisdictions, making it appropriate to be considered at Council where there has frequently been a claim that the City’s hands are tied by the preemption of the State.

SB 19-181 passed the Senate on March 12 and will be heard in the House Energy and Environment Committee on Monday at 1:30 pm in the Old State Library Room 271.  The hearing is expected to last into the evening and all members of the public can testify for two or three minutes.    

An Oil and Gas Update will also be given as Item 13b on the Agenda.  Information provided in the preview report includes:

  • Notice of drilling to begin on Interchange B anytime after March 21 (see further details in our blog here).
  • A notice of the Oil and Gas Community Meeting on March 22 from 5 – 6:30 pm where the public can ask questions about the Hazard Identification for the Extraction project (see further details in our blog here).
  • A long-awaited expenses and revenues oil and gas Finance Department report that had been requested for the Extraction project years but actually covers 2004-2040.
  • A note that Ajax and CSU will provide a presentation to Council on the Air Quality Program and that the quarterly summary will be available in April.  There are very few data display fields that appear to be ready to be available on the public portal at this time as Interchange B Pad drilling is set to begin as early as March 21.    
  • A link to an “updated timeline” from Extraction which is actually the old February timeline.
  • A notice that the City’s protest of COGCC approval of Crestone Goltl Pad permits will be held at the April 29 & 30 COGCC hearings in Boulder.
  • A statement that Erie Acme Pad COGCC permits are still in process.
  • A note that Ordinance 2076 Reverse Setbacks passed but no information is included as to when Ordinance 2075 on the citizen hearing process will be heard again in a Study Session.

If you have any questions or comments before Council meets on Tuesday, you can email them to Council at and to the Staff at  It is Mayor Ahren’s policy that comments linked to the Oil and Gas Update are taken at the time of the Manager’s Report (Item 13).