Crestone Files for New Oil and Gas Development with City; Additional Updates From Feb. 27 Council Meeting

Considering it was a Council meeting with no oil and gas items formally listed on the agenda, there was a lot of oil and gas news at the Feb. 27 Council Meeting.   The relevant news occurred during the Attorney’s Report, Manager’s Report and Citizen Comments.  Here is a summary of 11 oil and gas items:

1) Extraction filed a Feb. 23 COGCC report on their Stromberger Well Fire that listed no cause.  See our blog for further information.

2) The City will hire special counsel to review confidentiality in Executive Sessions. See our blog for further information.

3) Crestone Peak Resources filed with the City for a Special Use by Review to develop 2 pads of 13 wells each, east of I-25, about 1 mile north of E. 168th and ¼ mile west of County Road 11.  CCOB Deputy Manager Kevin Standbridge stated that there was no public hearing scheduled yet.  Comments and questions regarding the application should be directed to the Planning Division at  The documents are posted on the City webpage here.

Note: The City offers two paths for reviewing oil and gas applications. The “Use by Special Review” process that Crestone Peak is using is different from the “Memoradum of Understanding” process that Extraction is using. A summary of these processes is available on the City website by clickinghere.

4) The Staff met with three 301 Committee leaders to discuss their recommendations for the City to review the performance-based standards in Gunnison County, CO and Contra Costa County, CA.  301 will make the introductions and the Staff will begin conversations with these parties.

5) The initial oil and gas regulations will be sent to Council in March for review.  Since the approval of the Oil and Gas Task Force recommendations on September 26, this is the beginning of implementing the work of the Oil and Gas Task Force into regulations which will apply to all operators.

6) The Air Quality RFP will be issued by the City by at least March 6.  The City expects about 10 firms to submit proposals, including CU and CSU groups.  The Staff has invited a member of 301 to sit in on the interviews of the firms.  The proposed contract will be brought to Council for review.

7) The agreement to purchase an infrared camera for oil and gas site inspection will be brought to Council within 30 days for review.

8) The Designated Outside Activity Area (DOAA) application was filed with the COGCC for Broomfield Community Commons on Feb. 22.  Over the next  4 – 6 months, the Staff will gather supporting information to file for: The Field, Sienna Reservoir, Ridgeview Crystal Pine, Lac Amora, Anthem Ranch Western Border Open Space, Reservoir Open Space, McKay/Lambertson Open Lands.

9) CCOB Manager Ozaki wrote to the COGCC and Governor’s office on Monday, Feb. 26 to request a further extension on the Livingston and Interchange Pad Form 2 and 2A permits due to problems with comment processing.  He asked for an extension to April 16 to correspond to the April 30 hearing comment deadline.  He did not receive a reply and the deadline stood as March 1 at 11 am.

10) The City is continuing an iterative review process with Extraction regarding the CDP.

11) Council Member Castriotta asked if the Mayor’s idea to have an informal roundtable with Council and citizens was moving forward.  CCOB Manager Ozaki will look into dates for a Friday or Monday afternoon or Saturday.