Drilling Has Restarted on the Livingston Pad

Drilling restarted on the Livingston Pad on Thursday afternoon, July 11 using the new mud Neoflo 4633.  After the drilling of the first well, drilling was halted on July 10 in response to many odor complaints from residents and intervention by the COGCC as a result of communication with the COGCC by community leaders.

The City and County of Broomfield had announced on July 11 that, “Inresponse to ongoing odor issues, Extraction has agreed to utilize a synthetic drilling mud, Neoflo 4633, prior to initiating drilling of the second well at the Livingston Pad. This drilling fluid is currently in use by another oil and gas operator in the DJ Basin. As a synthetic drilling mud, there are physical properties that differ from hydrocarbon-based drilling mud, like Gibson D822.”

A COGCC field agent was on the Livingston pad last night and again this morning. It was reported that Extraction has cleaned off all the former Gibson D822 mud, hauled it off and has begun using Neoflo 4633. The COGCC field agent reportedly said that there is an excellent history with no odor from this new mud, but it will take a couple days to totally eliminate the residue from the previous mud.

Please continue to report any problems by using the resources listed here:http://broomfieldconcerned.org/register-your-concerns/