Environmental Stewardship Advisory Task Force Members Chosen at September 25 Council Meeting to Begin Important Work

Congratulations to the inaugural group of eleven community members and one alternate who were chosen by Council on September 25 to serve on the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Task Force!  Thirty-eight Broomfield residents applied and thirty-three were interviewed by Councilmembers on September 12 and 13.  Mayor Ahrens thanked all “interested and qualified citizens” who took their time to apply.

On July 24, Resolution No. 2018-121 City and County of Broomfield Creating an Environmental Stewardship Advisory Task Force set up the new group that will “make recommendations to City Council with regard to environmental stewardship programs and to recommend an action plan to guide future efforts in this issue area.”  Many Broomfield residents have expressed their hope that this task force can move Broomfield forward at a more rapid pace in this important stewardship work.

The eleven 2019 Environmental Stewardship Advisory Task Force Members are:

Darla Arians

Leah Byers

Catherine Drumheller

Judy Enderle

David Gustin

Aaron Heun

Judith Kelly

Casey Martin

Emma Mowry

Robert Pearson

Kelsey Valois

Alternate – Adam Evearitt

It was noted during the voting that the group included two teens.  The primary non-voting Councilmember appointed was Sharon Tessier with alternate Deven Shaff.

Article VI of Council’s Procedures and Rules of Order were followed for the election by secret Council ballot and were described in agenda item 11h here. The core of the voting process involved Councilmembers voting for eleven Community Members.  Then, if fewer than eleven received the required number of votes on the first ballot, applicants receiving the majority of votes of Councilmembers present moved to the list to be appointed and applicants receiving zero votes were removed from the list.  This process repeated through three rounds until all eleven slots were filled.

The voting record of the Councilmembers in each round was available on request from the City Manager the day after the vote.  You can find the voting record at these links:

Primary Citizen Appointments – Round 1

Primary Citizen Appointments – Round 2

Primary Citizen Appointments – Round 3

Alternate Citizen Appointment – Round 1

Alternate Citizen Appointment – Round 2

Primary Non-Voting Council Member Appointment – Round 1

Primary Non-Voting Council Member Appointment – Round 2

Alternate Non-Voting Council Member Appointment

One of the items outlined in the resolution to create the task force stated the possibility of a “forum for citizen comment on environmental stewardship issues.”  Look for future announcements of events where you can contribute to the work of the Task Force.