Erie may consider fracking as ‘public health and safety’ concern- Daily Camera

“Erie may consider fracking as ‘public health and safety’ concern”  – Daily Camera by Anthony Hahn 6/30/17

Broomfield residents may be interested in following what happens with our neighbors when “Erie officials in July [will] weigh an emergency ordinance amending the town’s ‘public health and safety’ code to consider complaints against oil and gas odors.”

In explaining why the ordinance is being considered, Town Attorney Mark Shapiro remarked, “‘This was at the direction of the board to ask us to make as many tools available as possible.”  That is certainly refreshing that local government officials are seeking new tools, instead of just complaining about not having enough tools in their toolbox.

In the article, Erie Trustee Dan Woog stated,  “I believe we should form a regional coalition and take this fight for our residents to Denver. Whether we like it or not the state regulates oil and gas. If we’re unhappy with the level of enforcement we should work through the legislature to change the rules.”  Does Trustee Dan Woog realize what an uphill battle Broomfield residents and City Council representatives have had in trying to get the state legislature to move forward on oil and gas legislation?  His collaboration with Broomfield would surely be welcome, but those of us who have been working with the state legislature for almost a year would not be as optimistic about state cooperation as Trustee Woog.