Extraction Oil and Gas Attempting to Acquire Mineral Leases in Boulder Heatherwood Neighborhood

Residents of the Heatherwood Subdivision in Boulder County contacted Broomfield Concerned on Monday to help them decipher the mysterious lease offers that they had received from Extraction Oil and Gas on Friday, Nov. 16.  They are now in contact with Boulder County, according to a report in The Daily Camera which also had an excerpt in The Denver Post.

Some highlights from The Daily Camera article by Sam Lounsberry include:

“Denver-based Extraction Oil and Gas is looking to acquire mineral leases from property owners in Gunbarrel, alerting residents, Boulder County and city officials that more drilling of publicly owned open space might be imminent.”

“Residents of the Heatherwood neighborhood, east of North 75th Street and just north of Jay Road and Boulder Creek, last week received letters from Denver-based Rocky Mountain Hydrocarbon on behalf of Extraction offering to lease minerals.”

“But most residents who have received such offers are uninterested in accepting, opting instead to push back against any efforts to drill near their homes or underneath the city and county open space parcels that surround the neighborhood to the north, south and east, according to resident Leesah Patt.”

“8 North [subsidiary of Extraction] owns minerals under three city open space parcels east of the neighborhood totaling nearly 500 acres, county property records show.”

“Extraction declined to disclose any details on its plans in the area.”

According to resident conversations with the land company working for Extraction, “drilling in the area is likely two to six years out, that horizontal fracking would be used to tap the below-ground hydrocarbons and that a well site could be located a half-mile to 2 ½ miles northeast of the neighborhood.”

“’Residents have informed us of these lease offers. The county doesn’t get involved in private contract issues, but can provide information to residents. If and when Extraction applied for permits to drill at the COGCC, the county would likely be involved and Extraction would also have to come through the county’s permitting process,’ Senior Assistant Boulder County Attorney Kate Burke said.”

Please read the rest of The Daily Camera article here:  http://www.dailycamera.com/news/boulder/ci_32284101/extraction-oil-and-gas-looking-acquire-mineral-leases