“Extraction Oil and Gas operated Windsor-area drilling site where accident injured three workers” The Greeley Tribune

By Tyler Silvy, The Greeley Tribune 6/8/18

This accident was first reported in The Greeley Tribune on 6/7/18 but did not name the operator in that early report. That article stated that the COGCC did not feel the need to come out to the site on Thursday night but would come out on Friday morning.

A quick search did not yield any COGCC rules for liquid nitrogen, other than reporting information about use of nitrogen. Concerned Broomfield residents will likely ask if the root cause of this explosion will be required in Extraction’s report to the COGCC. The root cause of the Extraction Dec. 22 Windsor explosion was never required by the COGCC. The timing of this explosion is interesting with the upcoming review of Extraction’s Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP) at the June 12 Council meeting.

From the Greeley Tribune 6/8/18 article:

“Extraction Oil and Gas is the operator of an active drilling site that was interrupted Thursday night by an accident that injured three workers.”

“Brian Cain, spokesman for Extraction, said a pressurized hose broke loose, injuring three workers. One worker had his leg broken, Cain said, but all three workers were treated and released from the hospital.”

“Windsor police Sgt. Brian Smith said police received the call about 7 p.m. regarding a small explosion — which involved no fire — related to a liquid nitrogen line at a site near Weld County Roads 62 and 15. It was an active site, with 56 employees on scene.”

“‘The event was immediately contained and professionally handled,’ Cain said, adding that working is proceeding at the site.”

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