Extraction Pipeline Installation Near the Livingston Pad Beginning November 5

Extraction will begin work on pipeline installation for the permitted Livingston Pad on November 5, according to a news release by the City.  At the October 23 Council Meeting during the Manager’s Report Oil and Gas Update, Tami Yellico had stated that the City Engineering Department was close to finalizing its review of the permits for this work.

The work will occur in phases in the area south of Northwest Parkway, west and south of Sheridan Parkway, and west of Lowell Boulevard as shown on the map below.  It is expected to take several weeks and will involve the following, according to the City’s notice:    

– clearing the pipeline construction area of vegetation and grading the surface

– trenching and installation equipment

– welding, inspections, and pressure testing

-backfilling and reclaiming to establish new surface vegetation.

You can read the entire notice here.