Extraction Project Updates – Overall Schedule and Interchange Pad Information

The December 2018 Extraction project schedule for Broomfield is shown below and is available here. The City has asked that Extraction update their schedule monthly in the future.

Construction on the Livingston Pad south of Anthem Ranch and north of Wildgrass is now scheduled to begin in January 2019, and drilling is scheduled to begin in June 2019. The 32-foot sound wall, which serves as a noise and visual barrier during the drilling and completion stages, is expected to be in place for about 21-24 months at this location.  

According to the City, equipment will be moved onto the Interchange A&B pads this week to begin construction of the access drive and well pad on the Interchange B pad. View information on what you can expect to see here, including maps and photos. You can also read this notice to get some ideas about the activity that will occur on the other pads in the near future.