Extraction Submits Drilling Plan to City for Remaining Wells

On January 26, Extraction Oil and Gas submitted a second Drilling Plan (DP) to the City of 942 pages which included drafts of their State COGCC Form 2A’s for the  Northwest A & B pads and the United Pad, and 55 Form 2’s for the Northwest A & B Pads (8 wells each), the 16 wells on the United Pad, 16 wells on the Interchange A pad, and the remaining seven wells on the Interchange B pad.  The City’s post on the Oil and Gas Development webpage can be found here.

Extraction submitted a first DP to the City that it claimed covered the Livingston and Interchange B Pads.  On January 22, the City sent Extraction a 142-page document detailing the deficiencies found in that first DP and rejecting that document.  In Extraction’s January 23 letter which was in response to the City’s DP review, Extraction stated that they would be sending a second DP to the City for the remaining pads by the end of January.

As part of the Operator Agreement, Extraction was required to submit a “Comprehensive Drilling Plan” to the City 30 days before submitting its Form 2 and 2A (drilling) permits to the COGCC.  With the submission of this second DP to the City, Extraction might be anticipating submitting its Form 2 and 2A’s to the COGCC by the March 1 deadline for inclusion in the April 19 hearing docket.  The Northwest A & B and Interchange Pads will have a hearing, based on the rights granted to Adams County by the Commission.

We recommend that you submit any comments on this second Drilling Plan to the City by February 15 by emailing them to oilandgas@broomfield.org.  There are no clear indications from the City yet as to when they plan to submit their comments to Extraction.