Extraction To Use Tier 4 Engines on Interchange B Pad in Response to Broomfield Demand Letter

In a July 26 post, the City and County of Broomfield (CCOB) announced that,  “Extraction is currently in the process of removing the Tier 2 fleet and installing Tier 4 equipment on the Interchange B Pad. They anticipate recommencing fracturing operations with Tier 4 equipment on Sunday, July 28 or Monday, July 29.”

On July 15, CCOB sent a demand letter to Extraction stating that Extraction was in breach of contract since it had refused to agree to use Tier 4 engines as required by the Operator Agreement. The letter demanded that Extraction stop completions (fracking) that began on July 15 on the Interchange B Pad with Tier 2 engines which cause greater emissions.  You can read the entire letter here.

However, Extraction had continued operations with the Tier 2 engines with black smoke continuing to billow from the pad.  CCOB was silent and residents were speculating if and when CCOB would take the next step prescribed by the Operator Agreement to file for a court injunction to stop Extraction operations due to noncompliance.

The only update had been a few facts in a July 17 announcement in which CCOB had stated that, “Residents can expect to see intermittent diesel exhaust while the engines are primarily using diesel fuel.”  Residents living near the Interchange B Pad stated that the black smoke was not intermittent but continual.  Experts who had spoken to residents stated that this smoke would continue as long as Tier 2 engines were in use.

In the July 26 announcement, it also states that, “The black smoke that may be seen is diesel exhaust resulting from increasing engine rate or power and engine load. As more pumps are brought online more exhaust is visible. Pumps are brought up to the necessary operating rate individually and will release exhaust until the desired rate is achieved.  The City and County of Broomfield continues to monitor air quality in the area as well as perform site inspections at the Interchange B Pad.”