Extraction Truck Route Violations Near the Interchange Pad as Drilling is Set to Begin

Truck route violations by Extraction are being reported near the Interchange Pads just as drilling is set to begin on the Interchange B Pad.

Unincorporated Adams County residents in North Star Estates, Mustang Acres and Northwest Estates have been repeatedly assured by Broomfield staff that Extraction and its subcontractors will adhere to the designated traffic route plans as defined in the Comprehensive Drilling Plan and Operator Agreement, along with abiding by the posted weight limit restrictions on 156th Ave during construction activities related to the Interchange and Northwest Pads.

In a March 15 email from Broomfield Director of Strategic Initiatives Tami Yellico, it states:

“The Extraction plans and traffic control plans do not call for using 156th Avenue listed as an access route for their new well activities (Completions, operations, etc.).  This does not prevent vehicles or trucks that are under the 7000 pound Adams County posted weight restriction from using this roadway to get to the site and using the gate on Pecos Street to get to their existing site.”

Obviously, according to reports and photos, the message is not being communicated to Extraction workers and subcontractors, or worse, the designated routes are being ignored.

Neighbors were startled by a large semi at 11:38 am this morning, March 21, that had turned onto Quivas St (heading south) and was attempting to back up onto 156th to turn around and head east on 156th. The driver finally was able to successfully maneuver back and headed east on 156th.  Please see the photo to the right. 

The photo below that was taken at the Interchange Pad at 11:43 am shows that SAME truck onsite there.

A complaint has been filed on the Broomfield Oil and Gas website and Adams County LGD and Commissioners have been informed.

Area residents are raising questions that if simple traffic control protocols aren’t being followed, will the Operator be capable of following all other Best Management Practices and safety practices? 

Residents of any county can use the resources listed here to report any violations at the Broomfield Pads that you see .  http://broomfieldconcerned.org/register-your-concerns/