First Study Session on Revised Regulations Tonight: Broomfield Health and Safety First Sends Input

Tonight’s City and County of Broomfield (CCOB) Study Session beginning at 6 pm includes Item 3 as a first look at the Staff’s draft of the Oil and Gas regulations, revised in light of the passage of SB19-181 Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operations.  You can read the Staff draft here, which the Staff introduction states is a “starting point for discussion” and does “not presume to be a full list of possible amendments.”

Broomfield Health and Safety First (BHSF) wrote a July 15 letter to Council and Staff which called attention to the power given to Broomfield by both Charter Amendment 301 and SB19-181.  BHSF wrote, “While we understand that the recommendations Staff included with the July 16, 2019 Study Session summary are meant to be a starting point, they fall woefully short of what the city is required to do.”  They also asked that citizen groups and the general community be given opportunity for input made possible by the Staff’s 6 month proposed schedule rather than their 3 month option.  Please read the entire BHSF letter here

Also this evening at 5 pm, Council will vote to enter Executive Session “regarding the Extraction Oil and Gas, Inc. Operator Agreement and Crestone Peak Resources’ Spacing Unit Approval Appeal.”  The subject matter is likely to focus on the current status of the breech of contract letter sent to Extraction by CCOB on July 15.  You can read more about that letter in our blog here.