Forced Pooling Hearing of 975 Broomfield Mineral Owners Set for October 29 and 30

975 mineral owners in Wildgrass, Silverleaf and Broadlands will be force pooled by Extraction Oil and Gas at the end of the month unless the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) decides to not approve it at their October 29 and 30 hearings.  Extraction applied to the COGCC on August 31 to force pool 975 unleased mineral owners in the Lowell South spacing unit to be drained by 19 wells on the Livingston Pad.  Beginning on September 26, notices began to arrive in these mineral owners’ mailboxes that the hearing would be on the October 29 & 30 COGCC docket. 

It is anticipated that WOGc will protest the forced pooling hearing, just as they have filed a continuing health and safety lawsuit against the COGCC.  Broomfield residents who wish to support their efforts should watch for instructions later on how to file a hearing statement.   Another way to help would be with a monetary donation.  Affected Coloradans Together (“ACT”), a Colorado non-profit organization, is accepting donations to help fund this effort and other efforts protecting Colorado residents that are negatively affected by residential oil and gas development. If anyone is interested in donating, WOGc would ask that checks be made out to ACT and mailed to ACT, 5023 W. 120th Ave., #336, Broomfield CO 80023.

The COGCC docket is not yet listed on the COGCC website as it usually would be in advance of the meeting.  In response to an inquiry as to why the docket is not yet posted on the COGCC site, COGCC Hearings Assistant Margaret Humecki stated that it will not be posted for another week or more due to the overwhelming number of items that operators submitted for processing, presumably in advance of any impact on their operations from the Nov. 6 election.

The Lowell South Spacing Unit (see pink area on map) was approved by the COGCC on December 11, 2017 after over a year of protest by Wildgrass Oil and Gas Committee (WOGc).  Despite continuing protests by WOGc and other concerned Broomfield residents, the COGCC approved the Livingston Pad Form 2A and 2 drilling permits on June 1, 2018.  Unleased mineral owners who are the subjects of a forced pooling application by an operator are entitled to a hearing at least 60 days after receiving a reasonable offer to lease.  Extraction sent incomplete lease offers to some unleased mineral owners on June 24 and August 27.