Fracking Wastewater May Be Stored Within 1.5 miles of Broomfield


Are you concerned that within 1.5 miles of Broomfield that Weld County might approve a “Centralized E & P Waste Management Facility” that will receive, store, and transfer produced fracking wastewater, produced oil, and residual hydrocarbons and solids?  The City’s October 10 announcement on the Oil and Gas Webpage stated that the City will be posting and submitting comments to Weld County before a Weld County Commissioner Public Hearing on November 20.  The facility located at the southwest corner of County Road 15 and County Road 6 in Weld County would be operated by EXR Midstream, LLC (XTR), a subsidiary of Extraction, in order to service Broomfield wells among others.

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In a recent Dartmouth College Study about fracking wastewater, researchers explained how “wastewater that is produced contains toxins like barium and radioactive radium. Upon decay, radium releases a cascade of other elements, such as radon, that collectively generate high radioactivity.”  See the article here.

As background, the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) does not usually grant standing to adjacent local governments in hearing their protests.  This problem was recently stressed by a group of local governments including Broomfield, Boulder, and Adams County at the October 3 COGCC forced pooling rulemaking hearing.

“On October 9, 2018, Broomfield Planning Division received a referral from Weld County regarding the Badger Central Gathering Facility and Buffalo Compressor Station.  The subject facility is located in Weld County at the southwest corner of County Road 15 and County Road 6.  This site is approximately 1.5 miles from Broomfield’s boundary at County Road 11.”

“This facility will receive produced water and oil, and gas from EXR Midstream, LLC (XTR) facilities proximate to the facility (including, potentially, wells in Broomfield).  The facility will also include a compressor station which would be functionally independent from the Central Gathering Facility.  A future compressor station and substation are also proposed.”

“This facility will receive, store, and transfer produced water, produced oil, and residual hydrocarbons and solids 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  There will be staff on site 24-hours per day, 365 days per year.”

“Under Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) rules (Series 900) this facility will be considered a “Centralized E&P Waste Management Facility” due to the fact that the facility will received [sic] produced water from more than one production facility for treatment.  Under the COGCC rules, Form 28 and other associated information must be submitted to COGCC for approval prior to beginning of construction for this facility.”

“Broomfield staff will review the proposal in Weld County and will provide comments to Weld County in advance of the scheduled public hearing with the Weld County Commissioners on November 20, 2018.  A copy of staff’s comments will be posted on the Broomfield website.”

The City’s webpage also includes:

Badger Central Gathering Map

Weld County Community Meeting Handout