Further Delay in Fixing Sheridan Raises Questions about Extraction’s Statements to City

Extraction informed the City that they are “waiting on a bid for the heave work [on Sheridan] and the estimated start date is the middle to the end of June,” according to the May 28 Oil and Gas Update published ahead of Tuesday’s Council meeting.  This contradicts Extraction’s statement to the City on May 13 that they would start construction sometime around May 28 near the intersection of Sheridan and Lowell. After the City originally approved Extraction going forward simultaneously with both sound wall construction on the Livingston Pad and repair of Sheridan Boulevard caused on November 28 by Extraction’s drilling, the City then spoke with Extraction on May 13 to get them to agree that partial staging would occur to minimize large trucks going in and out of the pad.

With the heave work delay until the middle to end of June, it is not clear if there will again be large truck traffic going in and out of the Livingston Pad at the time of Sheridan road repair.  Extraction just sent out notices to residents within one-half mile of the Livingston Pad that drilling “is expected to begin in or around early to mid-June and will last approximately 22 weeks.”    

Many residents and Council Members had raised concerns before and at the May 14 Council meeting about increased traffic risks due to the two upcoming Extraction construction projects at the intersection of Sheridan and Lowell.  In a follow up email from a resident (the author), Director of Strategic Initiatives Tami Yellico replied on Thursday, May 17, “As I noted at the Council meeting this week, Extraction will bring all sound wall construction equipment and materials on site prior to starting and work on the Sheridan heave repair.  It is currently anticipated that all the heavy truck traffic associated with the soundwall construction will be done in the next couple of days.  No heavy trucks will moving [sic] onto the Livingston Pad during the Sheridan heave construction, which is currently estimated to begin May 28th.  Also, staff reiterated to Extraction yesterday that left turns into the Livingston Pad from northbound Lowell are not allowed.”

Under this previous staging plan, both the City approved truck routes and normal Sheridan traffic would be disrupted.  During the May 14 Study Session, Council Member Shaff warned Staff that traffic would get “dicey” if trucks are allowed to make left hand turns into the Lowell Exit.  Council Member Castriotta stated that, “If they [Extraction] have to halt their construction, halt the heave, do something.  But don’t even entertain the idea that this [staging and rerouting] is going to work and not impact the people in that area, now really.”  Director of Special Initiatives Tami Yellico stated that the Staff would “double down” on truck traffic enforcement at Sheridan and Lowell.   

If you have any concerns about this traffic risk, you can write Council at council@broomfieldcitycouncil.org and the Staff at oilandgas@broomfield.org.  If you have traffic violations and issues to report, please file your complaint with the City at https://www.broomfield.org/2842/File-a-Complaint