“Groundwork begins in Broomfield on path of gas pipeline” Broomfield Enterprise

By Jennifer Rios, Broomfield Enterprise 10/2/18

“Elevation Midstream, LLC, a subsidiary of Extraction Oil and Gas, Inc., began surveying and potholing on the Nordstrom Open Space in Broomfield west of Huron Street this week.”

“The process is meant to identify existing underground utilities and began Wednesday. It is expected to last one to three days.”

“‘This is only to identify where utilities are located before putting in pipelines for the removal or oil, gas and produced water from the well pads,’ Broomfield’s Director of Strategic Initiatives Tami Yellico said. ‘Extraction cannot drill until pads are constructed. They start pad construction for the Interchange Pads later this quarter, and pad construction for Livingston next year.'”

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Further note: The City did send out a Next Door notice on 10/2 to some neighborhoods close to the potholing. There is also a post on their Oil and Gas website with a map of the potholing and a picture of the potholing truck.  https://www.broomfield.org/DocumentCenter/View/28599/Letter-to-CCOB-Potholing-Activity_10_01_2018