Interchange Pad Update

A quick update from the City – “The rig is being brought to the Interchange B Pad in pieces and then assembled on site. Broomfield’s inspectors will be conducting another site walk through today at 3:00 pm, when the drill rig will be set up, but not yet ready to drill.”

A nearby resident has also filed a complaint with the City that it appears that the Air Quality Monitoring sensors have not been functioning properly near the Interchange site based on the zero readings shown in the Ajax data.  The City told the resident to report the malfunction to Ajax.

This is in addition to the truck route violation reported to the City yesterday and featured here.  Residents of any county can use the resources listed here to report any violations at the Broomfield Pads that you see. 

Also, the City will not raise any questions to Extraction based on the violation of residents’ mineral rights.  The City responded to two residents living near the Interchange Pad who wrote last week to ask why Interchange B Pad drilling is starting this week when Extraction does not have access to all the mineral rights.   The Huron South (Interchange Pad) forced pooling hearing will not take place until April 29 & 30.  There was no response from the COGCC to the residents but CCOB Attorney Sullivan’s response was:  “When the operator can extract minerals is controlled by the COGCC.  Surprisingly, COGCC Rule 530 allows operators to begin drilling before they acquire rights to all the mineral rights either by leasing or forced pooling. The Attorney General’s Office advised me that an owner whose rights are taken without permission may have a private civil right of action against the operator if the COGCC rules are not followed or if the forced pooling application is denied.”