Jan 22 City Council Preview:  First Reading of Regulation Amendments and Monthly Update Report

At the January 22 City Council meeting, the first reading of the two oil and gas regulation amendments will go forward in almost the same form they were in before extensive Council discussion at the January 15 Study Session.  The public hearing and second reading of these two amendments is set for March 12, according to Item 11d on the agenda.

As Item 13d during the Manager’s Report, there will be an extensive Oil and Gas January Update by Staff.  You can preview this report by reading the written submission here.

At the January 8 Council meeting, Broomfield residents made extensive public comments on outstanding unresolved issues.  In the January 22 Oil and Gas Update document, there are some indirect responses from Staff to a few of those questions.  However, 301 Broomfield Health and Safety First has not received a written response to the six page letter that they submitted to the City with those issues.

Comments or questions before the January 22 meeting can be sent to Council at council@broomfieldcitycouncil.org