June 12 Council Meeting Includes Many Oil and Gas Items

On Tuesday, June 12, the Council Meeting will be filled with many oil and gas related items.  This includes a public hearing on the regulations, which would pertain to all oil and gas development in the future in Broomfield, and the Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP), that would govern Extraction’s proposed 84 well development.

Extraction’s drilling permits for the Livingston Pad were approved by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) on June 1, but Extraction is not allowed to drill until the CDP is approved by Staff, according to the Operator Agreement.  This is the first review of the CDP by Council.

Citizens who wish to speak on these items should be prepared to do so at the time that the item is on the agenda.  Prior to the June 12 Council Meeting, residents should email questions or comments to their Council Members after reviewing the agenda documents.

Here are related details from the June 12 agenda:

–  At 5 p.m., Council will meet in Executive Session “for Legal Advice and Direction to Negotiators Regarding Extraction Oil and Gas, LLC’s Comprehensive Development Plan and the Draft Oil and Gas Regulations.”

Beginning at 6 p.m., the Council meeting will include the following oil and gas related items:

–  Consent Agenda Item 7D Ordinance 2069, Amending Section 1-12-020 of the Broomfield Municipal Code to Increase the Amount of Potential Fine for Any Act that is Prohibited or Declared to be Unlawful by the Broomfield Municipal Code, First Reading

This ordinance seeks to increase the City’s fine for unlawful acts from $1000 to $2650, in line with the maximum allowed by the State.  This has been previously discussed regarding enforcement penalties for oil and gas operator violations.

Council Business Item 11b Public Hearing on Proposed Ordinance No. 2067, An Ordinance Amending Certain Sections of the Municipal Code Concerning Oil and Gas Regulations – Second Reading

The regulations passed first reading on May 8 and were subsequently reviewed in the May 30 Study Session.  The City has continued to invite citizen and Council comments on the regulations, so there may yet be changes to the June 12 agenda version.  The regulations could be adopted if passed after their second reading on June 12.  The version published with the June 12 agenda item 11b can be found here.

Council Business Item 11c Extraction Comprehensive Drilling Plan Update

Since Extraction first submitted its very inadequate Comprehensive Drilling Plan on December 15, 2017, the City and citizens have submitted comments throughout Extraction’s attempts to revise the CDP.  Please review our blog with further information on the status of the CDP here.

The document for this agenda item covers 10 of the 23 plans in the CDP.  The remainder of the CDP is scheduled to be reviewed by Council at the June 26 Meeting.